The Great Energion Political Rountable – Question 4

Question 4I’m your moderator, Henry Neufeld, owner of Energion Publications. It’s worthwhile noting that I’m not a neutral party; I just play one on the internet for this roundtable!
I was thinking of moving away from the economy, but considering that others seem to have different priorities than I do I’m going to stick with it for the moment. I struggled with a way to create this question so that a ~1,000 word answer would be reasonable.
What are the most critical elements of an economic plan for the United States, and how should they be balanced? For example, consider deficit reduction, managing the size of government, creating jobs, maintaining social services, maintaining military strength, supporting current overseas military operations, reducing spending, and increasing taxes. Which candidate has a plan closest to what you prefer?
If anyone has time, consider mentioning your candidates for Senate and the House. How do they stack up on this issue?
My expectation is that you will trim this question according to your priorities, as I realize I’ve left enough options to generate a book, but any more limited question might put the entire topic into territory that one or another of you regard as irrelevant. So trim what you prefer.
I want to encourage people to send me questions. I will see them if they are posted as comments on this post, or e-mailed to pubs@energion.com using subject “Roundtable.”
I have also added a general landing page for the roundtable: The Great Energion Political Roundtable. This post will contain links to all the question and answer posts so you can track back through what people have said.
Let me also remind everyone that anyone can participate. Just add a link to your post in a comment to the question or answer posts for the appropriate question.

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