D. Kevin Brown: We Don't Know History

Credit: OpenClipart.org
Credit: OpenClipart.org
Kevin Brown suggests we, as Americans, don’t know history. He also believes this has an impact on how we live in society as Christians:

Many Christians have been duped into believing that we must somehow compartmentalize our faith.  Therefore, we have a compartmentalized view that allows us to express faith and values in church but then divorces that same faith and values from the civil arena.  The teachings of the Bible reject this compartmentalized approach to life.  We are called to be salt and light in all areas of life.  We must not hide our light under a bowl.  And what we are seeing today is that indeed, our history demonstrates that for generations Christians embraced a viewpoint that we must assert the principles of Christ in all facets of life.

Kevin Brown is author of Rite of Passage for the Home and Church and To Date or Not to Date.


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