Tony Mitchell: How is Freedom Guaranteed?

Tony Mitchell, author of the forthcoming book Creation: The Science, asks how one finds freedom and gets some thoughts from the lectionary texts:

What happens when the majority of money is spent on weapons of war and the maintenance of power? What happens to meeting the needs of individuals, both at home and abroad? Perhaps the solution to finding freedom comes when one looks at the problem differently.

Creation: The Science

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  1. The fact is that Defense spending is about ½ of the discretionary part, and 18% of the overall budget, or about 3% of GDP. This is down from about 6% GDP in the 1980s. The majority of the budget goes to meeting peoples needs here and abroad. In fact the grandchildren of those B52 pilots are now flying the same planes there grandfather flew in and recently maintenance crews have been forced to cannibalize planes in museums for parts.
    Like it or not the US military does function as the worlds police force, and as we have pulled back and underfunded the military in recent years, the world has become a much more dangerous place. History is clear, having a military is costly, having too small of one will in the end cost far more in dollars, but more importantly lives.

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