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Have You Thought About Your Legacy?

Jewish Roots

by Nancy Petrey

This idea of a legacy kept popping up over a period of time, until I decided to get some things down on paper that my family would never know about me unless I told them. I wanted them to understand the special call God had given me, so they could embrace it themselves and pass it on to succeeding generations. I reasoned that unless I gave an account of where God had led me and what He had taught me, they may have just passed off my travels and activities as eccentric behavior or merely a phase I was going through.

God called me to be a Mizpah for Israel twenty years ago, and it hasn’t been a passing phase. I have been a watchman and a witness. I wrote it all down just like God told Habakkuk to do: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it” (Hab. 2:2). My “vision” was published as Jewish Roots Journey, Memoirs of a Mizpah, and you can even read it on your tablet! It is in paperback form also.
God revealed so many things to me and woke me up to see that Christianity is Jewish, Jesus is Jewish, the first church was Jewish, the Bible has Jewish authors, and Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem, the Jewish capital, and will rule the whole world from there.
As a result of my call, I have made seven trips to Israel, have studied Hebrew, have led Israel prayer groups and Passover Seders, supported Jewish ministries, hosted speakers from Israel, obtained a master’s degree in Religious Education in Middle East History, and have taught community Bible studies.
As I tell of my experiences both in and out of Israel, I include scriptural nuggets of truth. I point to fulfillment of prophecy in the increase of Jews making aliyah (immigration to Israel) and show how the Hebrew alphabet is a picture language, portraying the Messiah, plus more.
Some of the things that have happened to me in my journey make for interesting reading. The reader can find out what happened when —

  • They laughed at me as I received my Master’s Degree diploma.
  • I was invited to go onstage and dance at a folk music program in Jerusalem.
  • Janice and I were searched, interrogated, searched, and interrogated again at the JFK airport waiting to board the plane to Israel.
  • I confronted the thief who picked my pocket in the Old City!
  • Janice and I each received a check for $3,333.33 to pay for our trip to Israel.
  • I actually visited ancient Mizpah on my second trip to Israel.
  • Jennifer Griffin of Fox News called me from Jerusalem and said it was too dangerous to come to Israel because of an increase in suicide bombings!
  • Janice tells about the time she had a vision of Jesus in the synagogue!

My book is part of the legacy I am leaving to my children and grandchildren of how I have put my faith into action and have passed on to others what I learned about the Jewish roots of the Church – past, present and future. And the future part is really getting exciting in these days!
I pray that my family and other people will be inspired by my Jewish roots journey and will catch the vision and “run with it!”

            Every person is leaving a legacy. It can be positive or negative. What is your legacy?

If you’d like to purchase this book go to: http://direct.energion.co/authors/authors-n-s/nancy-petrey/jewish-roots-journey

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  1. Nancy, what a legacy you are leaving for your children, grandchildren, and the generations that follow! You have gone forth in the power and strength of the Lord, our God, whether people understood or not; yes, whether your family understood or not, you have been faithful to obey the Lord! What a reward you will have on that great Day!
    I hope my legacy will be one that my family will say of me, “She stood strong, obeyed the Lord even when it was not easy or comfortable, and boldly proclaimed the Word of the Lord when it was not popular to do so.”

    1. Jean, you are a great encourager. Thank you. I am sure your family will say of you just what you stated! You are a faithful warrior-bride of the Messiah.

  2. What a legacy indeed! How wonderful it is to observe the enthusiasm with which you serve our Lord! God has truly blessed you with great insight into His plan for His people, and in turn you have allowed God to bless us through you.

    1. Thank you, Glenda. It is a joy to be in church with you, to hear you teach Sunday school, and to observe your diligence in helping others, especially with your decorating gifts!!

    1. Phyllis, we had some awesome times in Israel, didn’t we? Surely do wish you, Mary Jo, and I could go back again! Our “exploits” the first time are published for all to see in this book. Hopefully, it will provoke others to “jealousy,” so they will have their own adventure in Israel.

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