Christmas question for today

We at EDN are in a period of reflection and contemplation for the important season of  Christmas. Our attention will be on raising certain questions that we invite you to comment on.  We will return to our series probing controversial issues on January 4th.

TODAY’S QUESTION: How does Emmanuel, God with us, change our world? Or you?

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  1. As one who finds panentheism a reasonable explanation of reality, Emmanuel represents the sacredness of all things. God, not only “with us” but with every aspect of the cosmos, from the smallest particle to the remotest star, makes me one with all things. Especially, all people. No wonder Jesus counseled us to love our enemies. They are as much of God as I am.

  2. While I am not at the panentheistic place you are, Steve( though I am certainly not diametrically opposed to it…..I just need to work through some of its implications), I concur with what you say. All creation is one, with Creator and creation deeply immersed in each other…

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