On Knowing and Doing

by David Moffett-Moore

WalkHere I sit, looking out of the window, busy city streets below and in the distance, the beautiful rolling landscape of Ireland, home of the friendliest people in the world.  The reason I am here is because I had a stroke while leading a group of fellow pilgrims. Ireland is a beautiful country, the people are all friendly, and the health care is state of the art, but I don’t recommend adding a stroke to your itinerary.
In Life as Pilgrimage, I included chapters on being present in the moment, approaching the day and not borrowing life’s burdens. In Wind and Whirlwind, I listed methods for stress management and self-care. In The Spirit’s Fruit, I shared my struggle with anger management and techniques that have helped. I know what I should have been doing, but knowing is not the same as doing!
I knew I had high blood pressure, but I didn’t want to be dependent on chemical solutions. I could exercise, I could diet. I could,  but I didn’t. Now I can still exercise, still diet, still do the things I know to do, and now I will also take my medicine!

I’ve heard that knowledge is what we learn from our own experiences and wisdom is what we learn from the experiences of others. May you have the wisdom to learn from my experience to do as well as to know!

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