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Tabitha Edwards – Walton: The Uniform of the Law

by Tabitha Edwards-Walton, nurse, mother of a special needs child, poet and author of Poetic Life Experiences and Poetic Diversities
Protect and ServeFor the men and women who wear the uniform of the law.
You each have taken the oath to protect and serve.
Every day you put your own life on the line, to keep ours safe.
Sometimes you do not always get the best luck of the draw.
You drive hours in your cruisers, or walk your beats.
You have to be available in a moment’s notice.
You have to be out on the Holidays, in all kinds of weather.
You are the watchful eye on our city streets.
You are usually the first to respond to the scenes.
It does not matter if is a domestic dispute, a robbery, or an accident.
Most of you are proud to wear that shield upon your uniform.
You actually enjoy your responsibly, your routines.
Some may yell brutality, they do not want to think it was justice.
Some people do not realize how your job could be dangerous.
Some may even say it may have been racially motivated.
Sometimes there is not enough gratitude for your service.
Some people want to harm you instead of honoring you.
Some people disobey your commands,
They may even call you disrespecting names.
To Protect and Serve is what you do, so Thank You!
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