Tuesday Night Hangout: Bob MacDonald on Music and the Hebrew Bible

The Song in the NightLast night Energion owner Henry Neufeld interviewed Bob MacDonald about his newly released book The Song in the Night. Bob has been working on various elements of Hebrew poetry (and prose, for that matter), and the structure of the text. Bob’s book The Song in the Night has just cleared the printer, and is still on pre-order until tomorrow. You can get a price of $12.59 ($17.99 suggested retail), if you order before the end of the day today (November 16, 2016).
If you have any interest in the Hebrew text, you owe it to yourself to listen to this interview. It will give you a great deal to think about regarding the Hebrew Bible. Bob MacDonald does not regard the Psalter as just a collection of hymns, prayers, laments, etc. He regards it as a carefully constructed compilation, where the positioning of various Psalms itself has a message.
While the musical application he uses is not the same as the Synagogue cantillation, it is built on a study of the Hebrew accent marks. We’ll leave it to him to explain the details both in his new book and in the interview video.

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