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Searching for Love

The following video is a sermon preached by Pat Badstibner, president of World Prayr, Inc. He was preaching at The Mill Church in South Carolina. Pat and his team are responsible for the book Walking in God’s Grace.


Last week, I heard a statement, actually a mission, of a ministry; “Helping Christians act like Christians,” while I was driving, I almost wrecked my car. Suddenly, I had images of Tom Cruise jumping over motorcycles and putting on masks.  Talk about Mission Impossible!…

Growing in Weakness — Why We Fail to Appropriate

Question: “We know that because Jesus is our Shepherd, we can find contentment, experience courage, enjoy communion, and live in confidence despite the valley of the shadow of death and the presence of enemies. (My exposition of Psalm 23) … But hearing, meditating, and…

Giveaway on Walking in God’s Grace for Next 48 Hours

For the next 48 hours, starting at 4:30 pm U. S. central time on January 25, 2019, the ebook for Walking in God’s Grace will be free. You can use the preview widget below. Preview and Learn More

God’s Law Is Not Soggy Corn Flakes

The law drives us to the Gospel. The Gospel saves us from the curse of the law but in turn directs us back to the law to search its spirit, its goodness and its beauty. The law of God is still a lamp unto…