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  • Friendship


    Kamden and Nana talk about true friends.

  • Kindness


    An excellent springboard to discuss bullying with your children.

  • Sale!

    Letting Go


    We like our “stuff” around us. It makes us feel more calm and connected to our definition of “home”. And then God can step in and ask us to let something “GO!” It could be something as simple as letting go  or it could be a life-changing direction, ie, caring for a loved one. Am I…

  • The Birth


    “God’s son, Jesus, was born for all mankind,” Kamden said to Nana. “Does that mean me too?” “Yes, it does,”said Nana. Do we want Christmas to mean more to our children than Santa Claus and presents? When do we start having those conversations with them? In the Kamden Faith Journey Series’ 5th book, The Birth,…

  • Sale! This Is the Day - Front Cover

    This Is the Day …


    Subtitle: Letters from the Heart ISBN: 978-1-63199-626-9 How can you live a well-blessed life when you’re in your teens? “I wish I knew then what I know now” is the whole premise of this book which Linda writes to the younger audience. She writes to teens and young adults because Linda was 15 when her…

  • Meditations on According to John: Exercises in Biblical Theology


    The gospel of John, titled simply “According to John” in ancient manuscripts contains some of the simplest language in the New Testament. The Greek of this book is so simple that it is often used in teaching beginning students to read New Testament Greek. Pastors and teachers often recommend the book as a good starting…

  • Salvation


    A grandmother who loves spending time with her grandchildren and wants to share that God is Creator and Father and loves them. Sound familiar? Join Kamden as he learns about God, not just facts, but through the testimony of his life and his grandmother’s.  

  • Sept marques d’une église du Nouveau Testament


    Qu’elle église?  À quoi cela ressemble-t-elle?  À quoi devrait-elle ressembler? Pour répondre à ces questions, David Alan Black se penche sur l’église du premier siècle et sur nos documents des fondateurs dans le Nouveau Testament. Quelles étaient les caractéristiques d’une assemblée chrétienne au premier siècle? Dans son étude, il trouve sept éléments qui définissent ensuite…

  • Seven Marks of a New Testament Church: A Guide for Christians of All Ages


    What is the church? What does it look like? What should it look like? For answers to these questions David Alan Black looks to the first century church and our founding documents in the New Testament. What were the characteristics of a Christian assembly in the first century? In his study he finds seven things…

  • The Gathering


    Kamden continues on his faith journey as Nana and Papa teach him the importance of family: Father God, as well as his earthly family. Join Kamden’s family around the holiday dinner table. God bless you all!

  • Walking in God’s Grace: Practical Answers to Tough Questions


    What does God’s grace mean to you? This question has often brought confusion and controversy to Christians everywhere. The team at World Prayr want you to understand just how amazing God’s grace is. They want to dispel any confusion. They would like you to understand that you too can walk in God’s grace, but only…

  • What Is Love?


    What is love? Kamden is now at the age when the world is beginning to tell him its ideas of love. But Kamden loves his Nana and the definitions are not adding up – so he goes to her with his question: What is love?