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Seven Marks of a New Testament Church: A Guide for Christians of All Ages

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What is the church? What does it look like? What should it look like?

For answers to these questions David Alan Black looks to the first century church and our founding documents in the New Testament. What were the characteristics of a Christian assembly in the first century?

In his study he finds seven things that defined the church then:

    • Evangelistic Preaching
    • Christian Baptism
    • Apostolic Teaching
  • Genuine Relationships
  • Christ-Centered Gatherings
  • Fervent Prayer
  • Sacrificial Living

Dr. Black believes each of these things should characterize our twenty-first century churches as well. And that is the challenge. How can we apply these principles in our own lives and church congregations? This brief book won’t answer all your questions. What it will do is point you toward the right way to find the answers. Ultimately, Dave Black believes that “the more we understand the Scriptures, the more we understand our responsibility to submit our lives and our futures to its radical teachings.”

This is the challenge. Will you answer it?

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