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52 Weeks of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God



Author: Jody Neufeld

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Jody Neufeld shares from her heart “ordinary moments with an extraordinary God.” Upon her retirement from nursing and then beginning into ministry with her husband Henry, a Biblical teacher, Jody felt the Lord urging her to share a daily devotion with people she knew still in an outside workplace. “I know that when I was working in a hospital or a doctor’s office or in homes delivering hospice care, I wish someone had sent me an email devotion each morning that would give me a focus and a lesson for the day.” This ministry went from 12 people to hundreds and continues today. This weekly devotion book is made up of 52 devotions with questions or suggestions for discussion that will work well with small groups. Used in conjunction with the Energion Publication, When 3 to 8 Gather, this is an excellent way to ‘jump start’ a small group with diverse members or given an established group a new perspective.


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