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A Positive Word for Christian Lamenting: Funeral Homilies



Author: William Powell Tuck

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One of the most difficult tasks that may confront a pastor is the preaching of a funeral homily. What are the words that will provide comfort and encouragement to the family and friends of the deceased? What words will be faithful to the message of the gospel and the community of faith?

William Powell Tuck, author of the practical guide to preaching, Overcoming Sermon Block and Holidays, Holy Days, and Special Days draws on his years of experience, training, and teaching to provide some examples of funeral homilies that can help young pastors to prepare for everything from joyful celebrations of a long life well lived to the memory of life tragically shortened.

But this book is not just useful for pastors. Reading these homilies will provide you with insight into understand grief. Whether you are dealing with loss yourself, or looking for ways to help friends or family, you will find insights and encouragement in the homilies in this book.


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