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Family Secrets 2 – Double Destinies


Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.


Author: Nancy Petrey

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God works, and those who spend time in prayer and live with the expectation of God’s presence see this most often.

In this fast paced and powerful sequel to Family Secrets – Divine Destinies, Nancy Petrey combines exciting action, romance, and powerful realistic Christian living in a story that will grip you, challenge you, entertain and teach you. All at once.

You will experience the daily excitement as the primary characters, college-age young people, seek God’s guidance while living active, fulfilling lives. Their lives are real and genuine, but in no way boring or dull.

The couples – two couples introduced in the first book – are strong, both as individuals with their own personalities, but even stronger together as they  bear fruit for God’s kingdom. setting people free from spiritual bondage, forgiving their enemies, and turning away from worldly acclaim in a music career to fulfill their God-given destinies.

If you have been looking for a book with strong moral values and people who live up to them, who aim to seek God’s kingdom whatever it takes, Family Secrets 2 – Double Destinies is for you.

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ISBN: 978-1-63199-797-6
Pages: 342


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