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  • Family Secrets – Divine Destinies


    What would it look like if the expression “God-incidence” was embodied in a novel? It might well be titled Family Secrets. In this fast-paced novel combining romance, intrigue, adventure, and yes, theology, Nancy Petrey brings to life the questions of God’s guidance, miracles, and the difficulties of standing as one of the faithful in a…

  • Family Secrets 2 – Double Destinies


    Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.

  • Family Secrets 3 – Prophetic Destinies


    Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.

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    Nancy Petrey Novel Trilogy


    Get Nancy Petrey’s exciting novel Family Secrets – Divine Destinies and its sequel Family Secrets 2 – Double Destinies, along with the forthcoming final book in her trilogy, Family Secrets 3 – Prophetic Destinies, with a combined retail value of $74.97, for just $40, direct from the publisher. We expect to release the third volume…

  • Habitation of Honey


    Habitation of Honey can be one of the means God uses to prepare the way of the Lord. As John the Baptist in the wilderness ate wild HONEY, he was growing strong in spirit for the day he would recognize the Messiah. He immersed himself in the Word of God, “honey” for his soul, so…

  • Jewish Roots Journey: Memoirs of a Mizpah


    Jewish Roots Journey: Memoirs of a Mizpah is the personal testimony of one woman who has been on a journey of discovery. As you follow her on this journey you will be entertained, challenged, and inspired. It is an engaging story of God’s leading and spiritual growth in the community of faith. Author Nancy Petrey…

  • Letting My Light Shine: Musical Memoirs


    Nancy Petrey is a recorded pianist, as well as serving as a church pianist. From age 5 to age 78, her life has been filled with music. The title of this, her fifth book, is taken from her life verse: “Let your light so shine before men, that they will see your good works and…

  • The Honeycomb Is Waiting: Poetic Devotionals


    Writing good devotional material is an art. Devotionals need to be engaging, challenging, and informative, all the while meeting the needs of a variety of people. Nancy Petrey approaches devotional writing as a poet, a musician, and an avid student of God’s Word. In The Honeycomb is Waiting, she brings her gifts of music and…

  • Why Christians Should Care about Their Jewish Roots


    Why should you care about the Jewish roots of Christianity? Jesus was Jewish. Most of the Bible was written by Jews and in Hebrew. Most of the early Christian leaders were Jews. Even Paul, called the Apostle to the Gentiles, would visit the synagogue first and preach there, and he wrote with great passion about…

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