Family Secrets 3 – Prophetic Destinies

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Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.


Author: Nancy Petrey

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What God begins with your story, God will continue to completion. In this final book of her Family Secrets trilogy, Nancy Petrey ties together the threads of providence as the characters deal with mystery, danger, and a variety of obstacles to fulfilling their destinies.

This book again combines fast action, romance, theology, and divine providence in a unique way. You will be learning a variety of things about scripture, history, prophecy and world politics as you enjoy the lively antics (and thoughtful plans) of the characters you have come to know from the first two volumes of this series.

Again, history and geography are seriously researched. You’ll find yourself learning a little bit of Hebrew along with the characters.

Author and publisher pray that you will hear the call to follow God’s leading and to depend on God’s providence. The people and events are fictional, but the God presented in this story is real.

This may be the most entertaining course in theology you could possibly take.


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1 review for Family Secrets 3 – Prophetic Destinies

  1. Walter Albritton

    She Had Help!
    MY friend Nancy Petrey has written three stirring novels focused on the value of their Jewish heritage for Christians. The first was Family Secrets – Divine Destinies; it was good from start to finish. The second was Family Secrets 2 – Double Destinies; it was even better. Her third novel, completing the trilogy, is the best one yet! The more I read, the more I found myself saying, No Way! There is no way Nancy could have written this novel without divine guidance! She definitely had the Lord’s help. How shall I describe the book? Intriguing! Inspiring! Enlightening! Gripping! Yes, all that and more! In the final chapter, Gloria’s piano teacher, Mrs. Pagani, shares in tears how she had given her heart to Jesus while Gloria was singing arias from Handel’s Messiah. Gloria embraces Mrs. Pagani, thanking her for the way she has changed her life. When you finish reading this novel, you will want to hug Nancy Petrey and thank her for the way this book has blessed you.
    – Walter Albritton, servant of Jesus Christ, Wetumpka, Alabama

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