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The Honeycomb Is Waiting: Poetic Devotionals



Author: Nancy Petrey

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Writing good devotional material is an art. Devotionals need to be engaging, challenging, and informative, all the while meeting the needs of a variety of people.

Nancy Petrey approaches devotional writing as a poet, a musician, and an avid student of God’s Word. In The Honeycomb is Waiting, she brings her gifts of music and poetry to bear as well on a series of topics from serious to humorous, all in the service of helping the reader grow in faith and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. This unique combination of gifts and interests is sure to help build your devotional life no matter where you are starting. We especially commend this book to you if you find it hard to make time for your devotions or if you find your devotional time unsatisfying. Nancy’s enthusiasm, joy, and insights may just be the thing to your time with God new life.

The Honeycomb is Waiting contains 40 devotionals, each with an accompanying poem and/or song.


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