Kids’ Devotionals


Reading with Parents


Author: Nancy Petrey


Perhaps the most important way a parent can have an impact on their child’s spiritual life is by spending time with them reading about spiritual things. It’s beneficial to both mind and spirit, while drawing parent and child closer.

Nancy Petrey is a writer and a grandmother of 17. In this book she draws treasures from her store of biblical knowledge and personal experience to provide an opportunity for parents and children to read and learn together. While written for children, the stories and lessons are deep and serious.

The enemy of our souls goes after those who are the most vulnerable, seeking to destroy God’s plan for happy families whose priority is to glorify God and advance His kingdom as we await the return of our Lord and Messiah Jesus. These devotionals make good weapons against the enemy’s attacks by arming the children with God’s truth and love from His Word.

The book was written primarily for children, ages 8 to 11. It is to be read by parents or grandparents to their child/children, or the child could read it in their presence. It contains 18 devotionals, 76 pages, and Memory Verses. The questions at the end of each devotional are designed for educational and spiritual growth.

These devotionals will be helpful to any parent, and are a good tool for use in homeschooling.


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