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If Your Child Is Gay



Author: Steve Kindle

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This book is intended for both the parent newly acquainted with a child’s gay sexuality, and those parents who are still struggling to make sense out of it. It’s meant to be a reassuring book from a pastor who has been involved with these parents and issues over a lifetime. Why reassuring? Because, as you will discover in these pages, there is nothing wrong with your child that is related to sexual orientation. Yes, there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome such as declining societal rejection, potential bullying, reorientation of true friendships and family relationships, job and other overt forms of discrimination, and the like. But these all can be met without any lasting harm to the parties involved. This book will help you sort out your feelings and provide you with up to date information that will help you navigate the uncharted course. Many others have successfully navigated these waters before you and we will be drawing on their successes.


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