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Naomi, the Rabbi’s Wife



Author: Miriam Finesilver

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He now advanced closer, his finger pointing at her. “I married a Jew, I expected she would have stayed a Jew.”

Naomi’s acting career was soaring—until she became pregnant. Her boyfriend told her, “You know what to do—think about your career.” Yet after Naomi complied with his wishes, she found her career was the last thing she could think about.

Can a moment in time cause a human soul to collapse? A choice was made. A wound etched into the heart. What was promised as the way to be free was a lie she chose to believe. Then the unexpected happens-love-in the form of Rabbi Dan. They call it b’sheirt, the fingerprints of divine providence. Now that Naomi has found true love, will her secret be safe? Will her recurring nightmares finally cease? And when she finds true forgiveness, what will be the cost?

Walk with Naomi through the world of theatre, life as a rabbi’s wife, and ultimately to Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall.


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