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Spiritual Decluttering: 40 Days to Spiritual Transformation and Planetary Healing



Author: Bruce Epperly

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“In choosing simplicity, says Dr. Bruce Epperly, “we make room for God’s light to flow in and through us.”

“Decluttering” is a concept that is all over social media and the news these days. We have books with detailed instructions in how to declutter our houses and live more simply. Epperly takes this beyond the merely material, and teaches how to declutter our minds and spirits as well.

Spiritual decluttering is more than a passing fad! In clearing the clutter of our lives, we put first things first and align ourselves with God’s vision for our lives.

Tis a gift to be simple and one of today’s leading progressive theologians and spiritual guides shows us a pathway to experiencing the holiness of everyday life and sharing the gifts of simplicity to heal the world.


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