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The Creation and Flood Stories: An Introductory Aid to Understanding Source and Redaction Criticism


A brief guide to source and redaction criticism of the early chapters of Geneis, using fonts and color coding to display various elements of the text.


Author: Henry E. Neufeld

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If the Pentateuch was built from multiple sources as many scholars believe, what might these sources have looked like?

In this booklet, Henry Neufeld takes a look at the text of Genesis 1-2 (the creation stories) and Genesis 6-9 (the flood stories) to see how the various sources might have looked. This is not intended as a new scholarly proposal, but rather a summary and example based on existing scholarship. It should help readers who have not done a detailed study of critical methodologies understand what the issues are and how they impact our reading of the text.

This book is not intended to stand alone. It can be a supplement either to the author’s volume God the Creator in the Topical Line Drives series, or can accompany a study of biblical sources and biblical criticism from other volumes, such as those listed in the Resources section. It makes use of and references biblical Hebrew, but can be read by someone without a knowledge of that language.

Join in an examination of the pre-history of the text and dig more deeply in the scriptures as we have them today.

Uses color-coded text to display various elements of the structure of these stories.


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