Lost in Translation

The Power of Hope (PDF)


Reading Scripture through the Lens of Hope


Author: Deborah Roeger

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When you speak of hope, do you use the world’s definition or the biblical meaning?  Did you know God designed hope to empower our lives? On what do you base your hope as a Christian?

In this second book under the Lost in Translation imprint, Deborah Roeger examines scripture in the light of hope.  In doing so, she takes the reader through a meaningful study of all aspects of a Christian’s hope. Yet this study is much more than that. As you learn about the truth of biblical hope, you will discover how understanding hope helps you appreciate and apply the teachings of scripture more effectively, both in your life and in the life of your church.

There are 21 individual word studies, looking at key words in scripture that relate to hope and its application, along with an appendix explaining how to do word studies.  Easy to understand guidance is provided to help avoid common pitfalls and make word studies more effective in your study.

This book uses an extensive bibliography and is comprehensively referenced with hundreds of detailed footnotes.  The footnotes provide the reader with the opportunity to walk through the steps the author has taken in studying this subject. It’s a treasure-trove for modern Bereans who want to “search the scriptures every day to see whether these things were true” (Acts 17:11).

This book is well suited for group study, but can also be read and studied individually. It is a valuable resource for Christian education classes wanting to dig deeper into the subject of biblical hope as it is presented in God’s Word.

This is a downloadable PDF (ebook) with social DRM. Social DRM means that your email is recorded in the file. You can read it on any device, copy it, and use it. Just be aware of that watermark. Information on downloading and use for various ebook readers can be found here. As a PDF, however, you can read this in many readers, and often even directly in your browser.


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