Is Theology No Longer Needed?

by: Herold Weiss Those who see themselves as the rescuers of the primitive gospel most likely proclaim a gospel that is only a century and a half old, and as such is quite irrelevant to those who do not sing … Read More

Missions – What about It?

(Today’s post is from Pastor D. Kevin Brown. Pastor Brown is author of the book Rite of Passage, forthcoming from Energion Publications. He blogs at, you guessed it,  D Kevin Brown’s Blog.) Last year in the association in which the … Read More

Stewards of the Gospel

Ezekiel 37:1-37:14 March 13, 2005 A sermon presented by Dr. Bob McKibben at Pine Forest United Methodist Church About Dr. McKibben Guest Essay Index Adapted From: “More than Hatch, Match, and Dispatch” By: Rev. Joseph Smith, Takoma Park Baptist Church, … Read More