• Tending the Tree of Life

Preaching and Worship Through Reproductive Loss and Adoption. 

There is nothing quite so valuable as a book that is rooted in difficult and real personal experience, constructed with sound theological thinking, and applied in a practical manner. That combination is rare, but Richard Voelz manages it in this book.

Often those who are in ministry, in positions of leadership in the church, fail to respond to needs, or seem insensitive to them, simply because they have no idea what to say and what to do. We have celebrations and commemorations in the church for traditional holy days and for major transitions of life, and we ought to do this. But what takes the theology celebrated, taught, and lived on days like Christmas, Good Friday, or Easter and applies them to daily hardships experienced by members of the community?

If we are to be an effective community, serving as an extended family for one another, we cannot limit ourselves to talking about, celebrating, or even mourning just the expected things. We need to be able to connect with people who are mourning for any sort of loss.

In this book, you will learn how to reach out to people who are dealing with issues of reproductive loss and adoption in a way that can bring healing to individuals and to the community. It will speak strongly to pastors, but should also be helpful to church leaders, especially those in small groups. It will help build understanding and lay the groundwork for making these events of life a part of our continuing concern and our plan to bring wholeness and healing to our churches and to the world.

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Pages 148
ISBN10 1-63199-512-X
ISBN13 978-1-63199-512-5

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Tending the Tree of Life

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