Say What?!

This is a link that Bishop Grove put out there on twitter. I guess we should just be parting happily with our money……
How does this factor into rendering unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s?

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  1. As to “rendering unto Ceasar”: We have disconnected from what monetary units functioned for to begin with – “medium of exchange” – that means that what you do or have becomes represented by official measurement so that it can be conveniently exchanged for what others do or have OR better yet to gain friends in the world OR to do God’s work (redeeming the doing or having?).
    In our world today, it isn’t doing the job that it was created for and our Ceasar has it on recall. Although I don’t think they are willing to admit that ;^)
    I’m wondering if – we could begin actually exchanging our having and doing directly again if we couldn’t manage to reestablish the “flow” that isn’t happening with cash these days and win a recovery God’s way in the process. Just thinkin’….

  2. You raise an interesting point. It is rather amazing how far we have gotten away from the original intended use, isn’t it?

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