Idolatry and Life

book_bannerBruce Epperly comments on the lectionary this week:

… we can recognize that worshipping creatures rather than the Creator leads us from life to death.
What is really important? Do our behaviors follow our values? For example, most parents say that family comes first; but often family and relationships come a distant second to our professional lives. Moreover, though we speak of cultivating positive relationships with our children, we often spend more time on the I-pad or cell phone than playing with them at the local playground. To be whole, our values and behaviors need to be in synch. Practically speaking, the word “god” answers the question, “What is really important to you?” and this can be a matter of life and death, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Read the whole thing. Then consider: What kind of idolatry might there be in your life? Might it lead you from life to death?

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