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Liz Brown: Am I Not Enough? Pandora's box flung open

This month, Energion Publications’ author, Dr. Harvey R. Brown, Jr., shares, with her permission, his daughter Liz’s post from her blog, The Single Side.
Dr. Brown’s contribution to Energion Publications’ Topical Line Drives Series is a book entitled Forgiveness: Finding Freedom from Your Past.
From Dr. Brown: Liz Brown used to be “Bitsy,” but she fired that name in junior high and became Liz. She is amazing. We have quite a story to share together about our relationship. We were wired so differently, it was really tough to connect with each other as I was parenting her. But after my renewal in 1996, she and I connected at a heart level that neither of us dreamt was possible. The most introverted of all my children, she and I have shared the platform together telling our story at the Korean-American Presbyterian Church national youth event in New Jersey a decade or so ago. When she found out that I was going to be the main speaker for this week, she asked what my topics were. When I told her that one of them was entitled “Healing Father Wounds,” Liz declared, “You can’t share that without my sharing it with you.” I contacted the organizers of the event and they thought it was a wonderful idea. By the time everything was finished, Liz and I co-presented a main session, she had her own session, and she did a separate event for girls only. My introvert! Not only that, she has traveled and participated in ministry schools in New Zealand, and spoken at conferences in Finland. She’s not one to put herself forward, but others have discovered (as I have known) that she has some wonderful insights into Father’s love and His healing Grace. Like I have told her, she is a gifted talker. I always delight when I know that others are getting to hear the Liz that I know. – Dr. Harvey, R. Brown, Jr. (Dad)
Am I Not Enough? Pandora’s box flung open by Liz Brown
I am officially breaking my own rules about blogging. “One per week,” I promised myself. “More than that would be overload for readers.” So I thought of writing this today as a draft and releasing it soon. I just can’t do it. Some things cannot be placed on hold. … See more
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