I Have Loved You from Inside Out!

Image Credit: Adobe Stock, #67735290
Image Credit: Adobe Stock, #67735290


I did not have to see your face to know that I loved you.

I would listen to your voice and I found that it soothed me.

When you were upset, I wanted to cry. But I did not have tears!

I could hear your laughter and if I would have known how to laugh, I would have laughed too.


The sound I was so very fond of was the beat of your heart.

The percussion echoed with pitch perfect rhythm.

It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Its replicating melody was the best part.


You provided me shelter from the world, and gave me a place to grow.

I could not see much in there but would hear your voice loud and clear.

Inside I would toss and turn, I would flip and flop.

You kept me nourished through a cord attached to your belly from below.


A very long time passed. In that water I swam.

Then the strangest things happened? My water was gone!

I heard your voice, it was clearer, I saw an image.

It said, “Yes my baby here I am!”


At first I was in shock. I did not understand.

I started to cry. Where am I? What is going on?

Who is this that, is looking down at me?

You had my body in your arm and head under your hand.


You placed me on your warm chest.

That is when I realized, I heard the distinct music in my ear.

I began to smile.

I fell asleep listening to the sound I loved the best.


The most unconditional love is the love that a new born child feels for its mother.

This love is so innocent, so sweet.

This love is so pure. So full of emotion.

For that one moment in time is all about her.

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