Gathering of the Eternal Five (2nd Installment)

Serou found reason to clarify a point. “He was Jewish as his mother and father were since the birth of time. The Hebrew council was actually guilty of conspiring against one of their kind. Simply because they could not accept His birth place as being a kingly location. And because Jesus’ oratory stung them where it hurt the most, their departure from the laws of Moses and Abraham.
Jesus of Nazareth, was a slender man of firm muscle and graceful stride. Labor hardened hands gone tender from the lack of exercise. And so became a Devine healer’s tender touch that delivered mercy from pain. His hair was brown to his shoulders with eyes to match. There was power in those eyes clearly proven since he moved twelve men to abandon their ways and become the echoes of his lessons. That was only a few year ago.

Today in hastened pace the miracles of the Nazarene travel to the outermost reaches of our world. Faster still went the news of his resurrection. Anxious hearts traveled many miles to confirm the report and some come in quest of still another miracle from the risen “Messiah”. The expectations of millennia are unfolding before the eyes of firm believers and converts alike. The words “He is risen” echoed unanimously throughout the land. Jesus was the cure and the hope of countless individuals as history will record.

A welcome reprieve from torturous anxiety finally gave his mother a soul relieving hope that her son was truly alive and fulfilling his destiny. The Prophesies were coming into focus after endless time and three days of unfathomed anguish. The son of humble Mary of Nazareth was seen by countless people alive. Exhausted from her ordeal Mary
retreated into quiet solitude. There to mourn and regroup her life as she knew that his destiny was not yet fulfilled. Women were prohibited from entering the court room while his trial went on, but she was listening close by. History records her faithful journey with Jesus to Golgotha and his final moments on earth.

It was Friday and during that time of celebration the work of removing corpses from their place of penance was forbidden. Jesus was at serious risk of being ripped off the cross and thrown into a pauper’s grave without ceremony. Criminals were known to be dumped in ditches away from town as meals for scavengers. In this ambience of cold hearted cruelty Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus geared up their courage to go before Pontius Pilate, governor of Judea and the awesome power of Rome to literally beg for the corpse of a dead Jesus.

He would be forever grateful to Claudia Procula, Pilate’s wife who by his side gently convinced her husband to grant Joseph and Nicodemus their request. Jesus was dead. What was the harm? What would it matter? An obvious act of kindness would serve Pontius Pilate well. Pilate had washed his hands of the regretful decision to crucify Jesus. This gesture could ease his soulful penance. Pontius Pilate could be as hard and brutal as the occasion required. He could also be thoughtful and considerate in his kinder moments. This act would at least give the Nazarene a decent burial and ease the torment of his family. To deny such a request was known in Rome to be unwarranted cruelty to the criminal’s relatives.

Mary with her uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene and Mary the wife of (Cleophas) Clopas helped to remove the corpse of Jesus from the villainous cross. Salome was there also Jesus suffered his ordeal for six hours before he gave up his spirit and asked to be called home. The sky was still a forest of black and threatening clouds like angry watchmen from the heavens. It was shortly passed mid-day and the world suffered to see their way in the fearsome noon day night that lasted throughout the afternoon.

Now, hear this from Luke 23: 44-46 NRSV
There was darkness over the whole land
Until the ninth hour, while the sun’s
light failed; and the curtain of the
temple was torn in two. Then Jesus
crying with a loud voice, said, “Father
into thy hands I commit my spirit.” And
having said this he breathed his last.

It is safe to say that after the unexpected storm, Golgotha was a treacherous location for the work of bringing down the cross. Then remove the horrible spikes from his flesh without inflicting further damage. Blood and water still trickled from a deep wound on his right side. His back was a roadmap of lashes and shreds of flesh still hung from his wounds. It was a heart ripping task for all involved. Suffer then the horror of seeing the ugly spike holes left on the corpse of a street healer and messenger of God. There was still the matter of transporting the body to the tomb donated by Joseph of Arimathea in that awful storm. The way was made dangerous by wash away stones and swift muddy rivulets. An earthquake disrupted numerous hillsides breaking boulders into pebbles and adding hardship to the task at hand. Within the violent winds that followed, satanic laughter was heard while some people reported smelling sulfur in the air. There would be people to accept the darkened skies as nothing more than a simple eclipse. The temple veil providing a secure place for the Ark of the Covenant was ripped in half from top to bottom. Indicating the power that struck it came from above. As a sign that God was also washing his hands of the Jewish council’s decision. A hand woven tapestry forty-five to sixty feet high and four inches thick ripped like thin silk in a single stroke. An awesome feat demonstrating the power of an angry God and deleting previous commitments. But, the earthquake could have caused the momentous rupture of the barrier veil. Could’nt it? Or could it?

And Joseph took the body, and wrapped
it in a clean linen shroud and laid it
in his own new tomb, which he had hewn
in the rock; and he rolled a great stone
to the door of the tomb, and departed.
Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were
There, sitting opposite the sepulcher
Matthew 27: 59-61 NIV

The world was sorely shaken by so many miracles and frightful things happening all at once. Jerusalem was a conglomerate of many races and convictions. Various gods were still routinely worshipped. To some of these people business continued as usual. The rain passed, the skies cleared, the earthly rumbles ceased and it was dinner time. It was just another day.
Through all the momentous excitement, fears and relief nobody could experience greater emotions than his mother. Her aching heart was experiencing new hopes and joy in her life programmed by a higher order. Four other women interlaced their lives with the Nazarene and each came to his side to leave their mark on his existence.

First and foremost was Mary, his mother. All indications point to her being a god-sent miracle to her ageing mother and father. Joachim and Anna. Mary of Magdala, (Magdalene) Jesus’ faithful disciple and travel companion. It’s been said she worshipped the goddess, Isis.
Bernice who came to the side of Jesus and wiped his face of sweat and tears. A clear to life image of his face appeared on her head scarf and became a healing instrument even for the Emperor Tiberius.

Claudia Procula, wife of Pontius Pilate, friend of Mary Magdala that made an effort to cease the trial and set Jesus free. Primarily because Jesus is reputed to have cured her son “Pilo” of a club Left foot. She suffered rejection and abuse from the maddened crowd that sought to touch Jesus for their own sake. Her joy was unmeasured to see her only son emerge from the mob free of his affliction. He had been close enough to Jesus to benefit by it. That act anchored Claudia’s faith to the Nazarene for life.

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