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Video Interview: Dr. Thomas Hudgins on Who Was Paul?

Henry Neufeld, Energion Owner/Editor
Last night I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Thomas Hudgins on the question, “Who was Paul?” Thomas has a different perspective from the previous authors I interviewed, which you’ll discover in the interview. I’d particularly call your attention to the answer starting at 29:03 regarding what Paul might say to the church in America today, and 33:30 regarding the use of Hebrews as a source for Paul.
This is the fourth interview, and all four done so far can be found on my Resources for Studying Paul page. I have also been referencing these interviews in my Thursday night series regarding perspectives on Paul. Previous interviews were with Dr. Bruce Epperly, Dr. Herold Weiss, and Dr. Bob Cornwall.
Here’s the interview with Thomas. You can read a written form of the responses (not a transcript) here.

I’d also like to add here a link to The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Paul, by Dr. David Alan Black, which is referenced in the interview.

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