Iris Subel Davis: Now What?

by Iris Subel Davis, teacher, business consultant, and author of God’s Promise of Victory.
Well, I’m still waiting; but, now, I honestly do not know for what.
As I wrote in my last blog entry, I was literally waiting on notification regarding a position. It was for a faith-based company offering a chance to work from home. I’m leaving out a lot of information to avoid any conflict, but it was a real company not a scam. After reading their mission statement and going through the first part of the application, it seemed like a true match made in heaven. I then had a “face-to-face” interview via a video call.
Somewhere in the interview, I felt a shift in the recruiter’s demeanor. It was nothing that I could put my finger on specifically. I dismissed it as my own insecurities. The call ended with what felt like a lukewarm promise to let me know within a week if they were going to move forward with the next phase of interviewing. At the end of the day, I emailed her back a thank you note with an update on circumstances regarding one of my references. After being asked multiple times during the interview about how I would handle responses to clients’ needs, my email went completely ignored. That was the second clue.
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