I Run Out to Meet Him!

A trumpet is sounding, I see a bright cloud,
I hear a great shout, and it’s loud!
And lightning is filling the sky up above,
And now I can see Him, my Love!
My eyes fill with tears, and my heart beats so fast –
I’ve prayed for this day, and it’s here at last!
I run out to meet Him, I don’t look around,
But look at my feet! They are leaving the ground!
And wonder is filling up all of my soul,
As the King’s coming closer – BEHOLD!
I see others above me in robes of pure white –
He snatches us upward, His presence so bright.
Those in the graves He allowed to go first,
My parents, my husband! My heart almost bursts!
When we’re past the danger, His wrath is poured out,
The wicked are judged, and saved are the devout.
I’m singing a new song and given a new name,
I see all my loved ones, they don’t look the same!
Their faces are glowing, they arrived ahead of me.
We’ve left all our cares, and now we are free!
We’re given gold crowns, and we fall to our knees
And cast our crowns at His feet – He is pleased.
Then He shows us the place He’s prepared for us!
But I’ve got to write this down! I must!
It was only a dream, but it still is true!
One day He will come right out of the blue!

By Nancy Petrey ~ April 16, 2019

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