Tabitha Edwards-Walton: Hand in Hand

by Tabitha Edwards-Walton, nurse, poet, and author of Poetic Diversities and Poetic Life Experiences


Son, please put your hand in mine.

I shall be your strength. Trust in me and you will do just fine.


I will be your balance. I will hold you up when you go to fall.

Just like everything in life, one must start out small.


Together we will start out with small steps.

And one day you shall stride great leaps.


Right now you are unsure of yourself but I am sure for you.

Take a look back and reminisce all that you have already been through.


Yes, you have fallen a time or two, but pick yourself up and retry

and do not get discouraged, fight through the tears. Please do not try.


Remember the days when you learned to sit and to crawl.

One day you will walk on your own, you are going to do it all.


But until then I hope you know, you can always put your hand in my hand.

Together as long as you need me, we will walk all over this land.

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