The question of what happens after death has fascinated human beings for as long as we’ve had any sense of spirituality. There have been popular books, stories of speculative fiction, reports of visions, and serious Bible studies attempted to explain to us what happens at death and beyond. In Death, Immortality, and Resurrection, Dr. Edward Vick explores this question from the viewpoint of a philosopher and theologian.

In this book, he examines scriptural sources along with a variety of philosophers over the millennia, and looks at such questions as what happens to the body, what we mean be identity and survival, whether we are innately immortal, and what is the meaning of resurrection.

This is a serious work, but comprehensible to the student willing to take the time to study these issues. The reader is invited to give consideration to those issues that have challenged philosophers and scholars through the ages. The book is suitable for study groups.

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Pages 146
ISBN10 1-63199-267-8
ISBN13 978-163199-267-4

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