Elgin Hushbeck, Jr.

Elgin L. Hushbeck Jr.: author, engineer, small business owner, educator, lecturer, and family man. He wears many hats, but there is a common thread throughout. Mr. Hushbeck is an Evangelical Christian of 40+ years.

Mr. Hushbeck grew up as an “Air Force Brat” as all of his childhood was spent moving every few years, as his dad was reassigned. Born in England, he has lived in: Texas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Central California, Ohio, and finally Southern California, where he graduated from High School (after moving his senior year). It was in Southern California where he met his lovely wife, Hanna, and they married in 1975. Shortly after that Mr. Hushbeck joined the Air Force and again began to move around, this time moving to Texas, Illinois, and Montana, where his two children were born. After his four years was up however, Mr. Hushbeck decided that enough of his life had been spent moving for the military, and he left go to school. He returned to Southern California in 1980, though he still moved several more times. In 2007, he left Southern California for Wisconsin, and hopes that he does not have to move again.

Mr. Hushbeck’s background includes academic studies in religion, history, and engineering, culminating with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and master’s degrees in both Christian Apologetics and an MBA/Technology Management. As an engineer he has worked for several engineering and technology firms including 5 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, where he was part of the Voyager Flight Team for Voyager’s encounter with the Planet Neptune. Since 1999 he and his wife have owned their own company, which designs and develops databases and custom software applications for businesses.  Hanna has a master’s Degrees in both Nursing and Applied Computer Science).

In his teens and early adult years, Mr. Hushbeck was a confirmed atheist. But through a series of encounters with Christians and others, he saw his argument against Christianity fall apart one by one, until the Holy Spirit opened his eyes to the truth of God’s word, in the late 1970s. This background, no doubt, is a large factor in his interest in the evidence for the Christian faith. In 1994 he started Consider Christianity Week, which “is devoted to the idea that Christianity is not just a belief founded on wishful thinking, but a faith solidly grounded in fact.”

Mr. Hushbeck has taught at Simon Greenleaf University, Rasmussen College, and the University of Phoenix, where for several years he taught, among other things, classes in critical thinking both to students and to other faculty. He has lectured on both current affairs and apologetics in several states, and took part in a public debate sponsored by Simon Greenleaf University entitled ‘Did Jesus Claim to be God?’ (Mr. Hushbeck, of course, represented the Pro-side).

Here’s a recent Facebook Live, in which Elgin answers questions about history and Holy Week:


Author web site: Elgin Hushbeck