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  • Unlike Jesus: Let’s Stop Unfriending the World


      Tired of eating only Christian casseroles, listening only to Christian music, and having only Christian companions? Then why not try something radical — like being a friend of sinners like Jesus was? Unlike Jesus makes a convincing and convicting case that we who love Jesus must also love the lost — and must stop…

  • Victim No More - Front Cover

    Victim No More!


    A Colorado native, Shauna Hyde grew up with three brothers, no sisters, and a father who was a pastor of a local community church. She was taught that women married for life and no woman she knew was a pastor. This ‘normal’ crashed around her when her first husband left her with a newborn baby…

  • Walking in God’s Grace: Practical Answers to Tough Questions


    What does God’s grace mean to you? This question has often brought confusion and controversy to Christians everywhere. The team at World Prayr want you to understand just how amazing God’s grace is. They want to dispel any confusion. They would like you to understand that you too can walk in God’s grace, but only…

  • What Is Love?


    What is love? Kamden is now at the age when the world is beginning to tell him its ideas of love. But Kamden loves his Nana and the definitions are not adding up – so he goes to her with his question: What is love?

  • What Is Wrong with Social Justice


    What could possibly be wrong with social justice? We like justice. We are social beings. Should not our communities be just ones? Author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. maintains that social justice is not justice. When we pursue social justice, it is at the expense of true justice and in its pursuit of equality, social justice threatens…

  • What Protestants Need to Know about Roman Catholics


    What is it like in that church across the street? When “that church” is Roman Catholic and the person asking the question is a Protestant, this question can be very hard to answer. Do you actually know what Catholics do? Do you know what they believe? What difference does it make? Rev. Dr. Robert LaRochelle…

  • What Roman Catholics Need to Know about Protestants


    What is it like in that church across the street? When “that church” is Protestant and the person asking the question is a Roman Catholic, this question can be very hard to answer. In this book Bob LaRochelle will list for you the key beliefs and practices that distinguish Protestants from Roman Catholics. But this…

  • What’s God Really Like: Unique Insights Into His Fascinating Personality


    God loves to be sought after! And it’s the exploration of the mysteries of who He really is that will not only create in you a holy curiosity and awe, but will also combat boredom in your life. There is nothing you can experience that is more invigorating than having God reveal Himself to you….

  • What’s in a Version?


    Henry E. Neufeld writes about Bible translations from his knowledge as a student of Biblical languages, and his experience teaching them to laypeople and discussing them on the internet. Many people have questions about translations because they do not understand how translations are produced. Much of the material available is either polarizing, or is provided…

  • When People Speak for God


    From Scripture to self-proclaimed prophets on street corners we are surrounded by people who claim to speak for God. This book discusses the theology of revelation and looks at how to sort through the various claims, whether ancient or modern. When people claim to speak for God, don’t be manipulated!

  • Where Is Your Allegiance: The Message to the Seven Churches


    Lay persons in the church might be forgiven for imagining that the book of Revelation cannot be understood. There are many different interpretive schemes proposed, and hundreds of variations within those schemes. But the reader who is willing to spend the time will find real treasures in the study of this book, and Paul Himes…

  • Which Voice Will You Follow: Hearing and Answering Christ’s Call


    Preview / Retailers Even when it comes to our faith, voices seem to come from many directions, urging us to follow them. How do we decide what is real and what is false? Christian voices are mixed with fundamental certainty to agnostic Christianity, biblical literalism and inerrancy to prosperity gospel, the only true church to…