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The Journey to the Undiscovered Country


Eschatology explores death, Christ’s 2nd coming, resurrection, immortality, judgment, heaven, and hell. Understanding these terms remains challenging. Join the author in exploring the future hope for those who die in Christ.


Author: William Powell Tuck

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What happens at the end? What do we mean by the end? When will we see the last things?

The theological term for “the last things” is eschatology. It is the Christian doctrine which is concerned with the final “things,” death, the second coming of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, the immortality of the soul, the final judgment, heaven and hell. Even though these themes are at the heart of the Christian faith, it is often difficult to voice with clarity what we mean by them.

In The Journey to the Undiscovered Country, William Powell Tuck says, “Although there is no clear, simple, New Testament answer on all of these issues, the New Testament is unequivocal in its hope for men and women in Jesus Christ. No one can speak with certainty about such matters as the mystery of death, the resurrection, heaven and hell, the second coming, or the final judgment of God. However, the New Testament does offer some concrete pointers which I believe can be helpful to us. I invite you to join me as we look to see if we can gain some insight to determine the future hope for those who die in Christ.”

This book is suitable for personal reading and study or for use as Sunday School curriculum.


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