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  • Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer


    “Prayer changes things.” It’s a common saying, and too often Christian discussion of prayer deals only with how we can change other things and other people through prayer. But what if prayer is much more than we imagine? What if it is also the means of correcting our relationship to the Creator and at the…

  • Uncommon Questions from an Extraordinary Savior


    The pages of the New Testament contain some 340 questions Jesus asked: “Who are my mother and my brothers?” “Now which of them will love him more?” “Why are you so afraid?” “Do you still have no faith? “Do you want to get well?” “Who do people say that I am?” Why did Jesus ask…

  • Unlike Jesus: Let’s Stop Unfriending the World


      Tired of eating only Christian casseroles, listening only to Christian music, and having only Christian companions? Then why not try something radical — like being a friend of sinners like Jesus was? Unlike Jesus makes a convincing and convicting case that we who love Jesus must also love the lost — and must stop…

  • When People Speak for God


    From Scripture to self-proclaimed prophets on street corners we are surrounded by people who claim to speak for God. This book discusses the theology of revelation and looks at how to sort through the various claims, whether ancient or modern. When people claim to speak for God, don’t be manipulated!

  • Who is Jesus? The Puzzle and the Portraits of a Divine Savior


    At Easter, major magazines and blogs publish articles claiming to tell us who Jesus was. Every few weeks we see a new book making similar claims. Is it possible to know? In Who Is Jesus, Allan Bevere addresses this question from the point of view of a person of faith who takes seriously the gospels…

  • Wounded by Truth – Healed by Love


    Speak. Don’t speak. Proclaim your faith. A private faith. Be wise as serpents. Be innocent as doves. Yes, Jesus’ teachings can often be seen as an excellent example of a paradox. Author David Cartwright shares his life long study of the gospels from elementary school through seminary and as a pastor. … the question, “What…