Small group study is critical for church life and spiritual growth, and Energion Publications provides a variety of materials to make your small group studies more effective. These include studies of Bible books or passages as well as topical materials.

Whether your emphasis is on prayer, Bible study, theological discussion, discipleship, or meeting socially to encourage one another, you can find materials here to meet your needs. Do you need a short devotional to go with a prayer group or a social get-together? Try 52 Weeks of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God by Jody Neufeld. This little, inexpensive book provides 52 devotionals, some geared to the particular season. Does your prayer group want to try to deepen your communion with God? Try Pathways to Prayer by Dr. David Moffett-Moore. It’s a small, unintimidating book that is nonetheless a rich source of ideas for those who are inexperienced in prayer or just struggling. Are you looking for serious Bible study? One of the Bible study guides from our Participatory Study Series may provide just the tool you need.

As always, we are here to help you find the best materials. E-mail us (, call (850) 525-3916, or find us on Facebook or Twitter to discuss the available materials.

For a more general list of suitable materials, see our Instructional Material category.

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