Holiness of Heart and Life


Loving God and Neighbor


Author: Allan R. Bevere

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The word “holiness” has become somewhat unpopular, as people associate it with a holier-than-thou attitude, a judgmental approach to others, or a legalistic approach to Christian life.

But holiness is a word that is used a great deal in scripture and has a long history in Christian theology. Is it possible to talk about holiness as a positive element in living? Can people be called to be holy and in fact called holy?

Dr. Allan Bevere believes so. Working from the Wesleyan tradition, but also examining the broader record of Christian thought and the scriptural witness, he looks at what holiness is and is not. As he does so he finds it helpful and challenging rather than negative and destructive.

Topical Line Drive volumes are intended to point you to the basics and provide a start for deeper study. Individuals and small groups will find this book ideal as a starting point for a study of this important topic. All God’s saints (holy ones!) should understand where they stand as they worship a holy God.


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