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Whispers of Rest in the Storm



Author: Matthea Glass

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Can you honestly say that you know how to rest? Truly rest — physically, emotionally, spiritually?

Devotions come in many styles and sizes. Some are like a bucket of cold water thrown at you in your bed, prodding you to wake up, get going, and meet the challenges of the day. Others give you something to think about, and tend to come back to you as you go about your daily activities. A devotion can be long, designed for the person who has an hour or so of quiet time with God in the morning, while others are short, trimmed to size for the person who wants to catch a message at a glance.

In Whispers of Rest in the Storm Matthea Glass manages a nearly impossible task: Writing a devotional that is both relaxing and challenging. The challenge is to put your burdens in God’s hands and rest in your Savior through each day.

Each devotional looks at things that might keep us from resting, from trusting, and thus from being who God wants us to be. Each will be challenging in its own way, but each challenge points to God’s grace and invites the reader to trust and rest.

This is a book for everyone, because everyone has difficulty with truly trusting in God’s grace and resting. But it is especially written for those who are anxious about many things and need to remember each day that God will never leave or give up on us. His grace, unconditional love, is always there and sufficient for our need, so that they can rest.

Illustrated in full color.


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