Letters to My Grandson: Gaining Wisdom from a Fresh Perspectives (Direct)


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Letters to my Grandson is a love story describing the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. It celebrates the love of a family, including events of great joy and even grief. The author shares his revelation that the love of a grandson can grow into love for every child of this earth, a lesson taught by a child. This is also a book of many adventures, common to us all but often overlooked in the frenetic pace of our everyday lives. Dr. Epperly, a self-professed “aging baby boomer” is finding renewal on his hands and knees as he crawls alongside his grandson, sings remembered childhood songs and looks at the world through those infant eyes. “Love grows wings and enables our hearts to soar in so many ways every day. Jewish wisdom says that there is an angel whispering ‘grow, grow’ over every blade of grass. I am sure that an angel is whispering to my grandson Jack, ‘grow, grow.’ Creative wisdom, moving well beneath his consciousness and mine, lures him forward moment by moment on this amazing adventure of becoming a child of God on this good Earth.” – Bruce Epperly


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