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I Have to Live with Them?

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Understanding How Black and Brown Christians Navigate Their Relationships with White Christians in the American Church

A look at racial relations in the church in the light of the gospel.


Author: Terrell Carter

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Black and Brown Christians in America often live in a world that is separated from that of White Christians, with White Christians seemingly unaware of their concerns. Can these groups function as effective parts of the Body of Christ?

In I Have to Live with Them? Dr. Terrell Carter works to bridge the gap in our understanding and thus help to find the way for us to work together. Is the church functioning as a positive force in society? Shouldn’t we be talking more about the gospel and less about race? What can we do when we find that, rather than a solution, we ourselves are part of the problem? Is there accountability for the damage done historically?

In this very short treatment, you’ll find some answers to these questions and some pointers toward ways of facing these issues squarely and finding positive ways forward.


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