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Meditations on According to John (Telugu Edition)



Author: Herold Weiss

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The gospel of John, titled simply “According to John” in ancient manuscripts contains some of the simplest language in the New Testament.

The Greek of this book is so simple that it is often used in teaching beginning students to read New Testament Greek. Pastors and teachers often recommend the book as a good starting point for new Christians reading the Bible for the first time. But the simple vocabulary and structure belies an extraordinary spiritual depth.

While there are lessons to be learned from an initial surface reading, diligent seekers will find incredible depths. Understanding these deeper lessons requires one to see the book as a whole and understand the intricate pattern of connections between the various parts. Verse-by-verse and even passage-by-passage study can be misleading.

New Testament scholar Herold Weiss spent a considerable amount of time searching for the best way to open up the treasures of this gospel to non-scholars and settled on a series of meditations on various phrases or events related in the book. In each meditation he ties the specific theme to related passages and imagery throughout the gospel.

His masterful presentation will open your eyes and mind to new insights into the fourth gospel, early Christianity, and its application to 21st century Christianity.


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