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The Ground of God: Contemplative Prayer for the Contemporary Spirit



Author: Donna Marie Ennis

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The pace and assumptions of modern life often make the pursuing of things of the spirit difficult.

The Ground of God: Contemplative Prayer for the Contemporary Spirit leads the reader to a rhythmic cycle of read, pray, examine. Its four sections work together to encourage growth in one’s spiritual life through this cycle so that the reader is drawn step by step into an active and wholly engaging spirituality. Living a prayer-filled, Bible-based life leads the reader to ask the question: What on earth is so commanding? Who is in command?

The jewels in The Ground of God are found in 60 brief essays that provide the central core, strength, and inspiration of the book. The essays are grouped in sets but can be read in any order. Each one page essay stands alone with completeness of thought. Essay sections include: the Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes, and the Prayer of St. Francis. The Ground of God offers instructions for contemplative prayer, with small group formation guidelines. The book ends with guidelines for individual self-examination of consciousness.

No one prays alonge. When we pray we join in a steady stream of prayer that began with the prophets over 2000 years ago. With the world around us in a constant state of flux and tension, there is a special grace in knowing there is a place that is sacred and unchanging, a place where we can go to be renewed in the love that is ours by way of God’s grace. Moses took off his shoes to stand on the ground that is holy. The holy ground remains and is ours today that we might remove our shoes and release our hearts to come before God empty handed and open hearted, trusting in God to bring us away from confusion and toward clarity of mind and heart. We might ask: what on earth is so commanding? Who is in command?

The Ground of God closes with a brief essay “God’s Mercy: the Grace of Tenderness.” It’s a good place to start, reminding us that the creative spirit soars when given free reign in the ground of God. In can be used as a guide in one’s individual spiritual journey or for group study.




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