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Messy Incarnation


Meditations on Christ in Process


Author: Bruce Epperly

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The incarnation is a central Christian doctrine. Many books have been dedicated to attempting to understand its mystery and how it fits with the rest of Christian theology. But what about the way this doctrine can and should impact the way we live?

Process theologian and pastor Bruce Epperly addresses this topic in this easy-to-read but challenging book. Starting with a look forward in Advent and moving through the seasons of the Christian year and indeed of life, he examines different elements of both the story and the doctrine. From expectation we move through the various “messy” ways in which God acts, Christmas, Epiphany, Pentecost, and the emerging kingdom of Christ.

This book is theology where it meets practice, reflection put into practical action, and ethics drawn from the deepest wells of the Christ story. It will drive you deeper into scripture and spiritual growth from a variety of perspectives and sources, reflecting the chasms crossed in the one very messy incarnation.

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