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My Life Story (Simplified Mandarin)



Author: Becky Lynn Black

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Preview this titleMy Life Story by Becky Lynn Black isn’t a celebrity autobiography. It’s better.

Becky’s story is a testimony. We are promised we can overcome through the word of our testimonies (Rev. 12:11). A testimony doesn’t just tell a story to satisfy curiosity. It presents a divine call. The story in this book will call you to put God first, especially in your marriage. It will call you to mission. It is, in fact, the Gospel story. God loves you, died to save you, and calls you to join Him in the ministry of reconciliation.

No matter where you go or what problems you face, God will be with you. He will not remove all your troubles, but He will work through you no matter what. When Becky Lynn Black went home to glory, it was not a victory for the cancer that tried to conquer her. It was God’s victory over death, shown in the life of His servant.

“Becky Lynn Black was the daughter of missionary parents to Ethiopia and my wife for 37 years. Her life was a story that only God could have written. It is a powerful tale of sacrifice, struggle, hope, and ultimate victory. Her life changed my view of serving God and will certainly challenge yours.” -David Alan Black, Dr. M. O. Owens Jr. Chair of New Testament Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

贝基﹒琳恩﹒布莱克写的我的生命历程不是一本名人自传,它比名 人自传更好。贝基的故事是一个见证。我们得到的应许是,我们可以靠 着我们见证的道得胜(启示录12:11)。见证不只是讲述故事来满足好 奇心,它展现出一种神圣的呼召。
本书的故事将呼召你把上帝放在第一位,尤其在婚姻中。它将呼召 你参与宣教,它其实是福音故事。上帝爱你,为拯救你而死,并呼召你 进入与祂和好的事奉。不管你去哪里或面临什么问题,上帝都会与你同 在。祂不会挪去你全部的麻烦,但祂始终会透过你做工。贝基﹒琳恩﹒布莱克荣归天家后,并不是企图征服她的癌症得胜了。那是上帝针对死亡的得胜,在祂仆人的生命中展现出来。

“贝基﹒琳恩﹒布莱克是埃塞俄比亚工场的宣教士夫妇的女儿,也是 与我生活了三十七年的妻子。她的生命是只有上帝才能书写的故事。这 是一个关于牺牲、挣扎、希望及最终得胜的感人故事。她的生命改变了 我对服事上帝的看法,也一定会挑战你的看法。”
大卫﹒阿兰﹒布莱克 M.O.小欧文博士,东南浸信神学院新约研究主席


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