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Philippians: A Participatory Study Guide


A Participatory Study Guide

A study of Philippians that involves the student in understanding the community in which it originated while joining with their own community in the present. Solid scholarship. Spiritual exercise. Effective application. Diverse community.


Author: Bruce Epperly

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Are you looking for a Bible study guide that will challenge your class to spiritual growth and learning and is also based in strong biblical scholarship?

Philippians: A Participatory Study Guide is the sixth volume in the Participatory Study Series. From beginning to end, the student is invited to absorb the text and allow God’s message to change her or his life. At the same time, it maintains the series standard of providing a guide that takes account of current biblical scholarship and helps the student examine the text critically while also listening to and being guided by the Holy Spirit.

This guide contains eight lessons suitable for use by an individual student, but best used in a small group. The lessons are clearly written so that a laity-led class or small group can use them to advantage. In addition, there is a guide to using the book that provides insights into Bible study in general, and two appendices, one outlining the process of Bible study and one listing and describing useful resources.

Each lesson includes prayers, spiritual exercises, thought questions, and theological reflection. These are designed to help students learn to see the text in a new way and to realize their full potential through the power of the Holy Spirit. This book will not only impact your knowledge of scripture; it will change the way you pray, live, witness, and relate to your community of faith and the world.


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