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Quitting Is Never the Only Option


Some Keys to Staying Fully Invested in Living

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Expected Release Date: February 16, 2024

Author: Ron Higdon

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There are times when quitting is the right thing to do, but there are a number of excellent alternatives – to be chosen at the right time!

In Quitting Is Never the Only Option: Some Keys to Staying Fully Invested in Living author and retired pastor Ron Higdon teaches about fully invested living, a way to be able to evaluate situations and act appropriately under any set of circumstances. Yes, quitting is an option. It’s just never the only one. The trouble is in deciding which is the best option.

Using scripture, experience, and examples from a range of real-life and fictional examples, Ron presents ways of navigating the circumstances you encounter. What is your calling? What is perseverance and what part should it play in your life? How can you find wisdom to help you in making life-changing decisions?

Through this entire discussion, the emphasis is on engaged, invested, fulfilling, inspired living. Not the seeking of perfection, or of reputation, or of superiority to others, but in simply fulfilling your own calling guided by divine inspiration and a thoughtful engagement with the world around you.

Each chapter includes practical applications and questions for study, making this book suitable for small groups or church-wide studies as well as individual reading.


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